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Organic Soy Fabric   Organic Soy Fabric Organic Soy Fabric
Soy Genius Kids was born out of a mom’s desire to create high-quality, innovative clothing and accessories in a socially conscious and environmentally friendly way. Pukies and Soy Genius Fabric make up the Soy Genius Kids family and both of these brands provide products that are fun and functional for both parents and kids. All Soy Genius Kids products are of the highest quality design and construction; utilize “green” materials, while maintaining an unpretentious attitude of having fun with everyday life. Soy Genius Organic Fabric Cloting
The Soy Genius Kids, eco-friendly knit fabric, is 56% organic cotton, 37% soy and 7% spandex. The fabric is durable, yet soft, comfortable and luxurious. Soy Genius Kids is the ONLY infant and toddler company in North America using this extraordinary fabric blend.
Organic Soy Fabric Organic Soy Fabric Organic Soy Fabric
Organic Soy Clothing
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